Support Tracker

Important Notices

14th December 2016


Login Page

  • We have implemented a new Single Sign On mechanism for Orion Health Support Tracker and Community. This means that once you have logged onto Support Tracker or Community, you will not be prompted to log in again until your session expires or you log out.
  • As part of a security review, we have currently removed the Remember My Password functionality. If you need your password reset, please contact


Support Phone Lines

  • Due to a service outage, our Malaysian toll free number is not currently available. lines. To see the status of this issue and alternative numbers, please click here.


User Timezone Customization and Clinical Portal Upgrade to 8.8.0

  • Support Tracker has been updated and will now respect your Portal timezone configuration. Logout after updating for the change to apply.
  • We have upgraded Support Tracker's Clinical Portal version to 8.8.0. This includes several bug fixes.
  • We have removed the direct links provided in emails due to a limitation relating to an upcoming feature. They will be re-introduced in a future udpate.
  • The default layout for clients home page has been updated to include links to details of recent changes to Support Tracker. You can add this manually if you have a customized layout.